Byra Home

“An orphan Educational Hostel” 

“A home of Mercy where orphan children are getting improvement for the better life”

It is the mission of Byra Home to bring abandoned children from the slum to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation.

With the accommodation of children in one of our orphanage, the way to a better future is paved for them; they receive a safe home and with this a loving upbringing with their peers. Additionally a good diet and medical care are guaranteed, and furthermore the children are given the best possible education, which allows them a good start into working life.

We take our orphans by the hand and lead them through all the important stages of life, step by step. Here, Byra Home only takes in children where it is ensured they are completely orphaned and their guardians are no longer in a position to adequately take care of the children.

Byra Home is for every child of Pakistan and working without distinct in nature. It accepts the children from all religion. Religion does not matter because we are all children of “ADAM”. We think upper and are reliable.

  • 15 children are under the shelter of “Byra Home”, we have provided them a comfortable home
  • We are sending them to offside school for getting education.
  • We are responsible for their accommodation and food.
  • We have provided them ( Uniforms, bags, books, shoes, copies etc,)
  • We are taking the children for monthly free medical checkup.
  • For fun time Byra Home takes the children for picnic points twice a month.
  • Byra Home is the under umbrella of Great Shelter Organization.